Specified Commercial Transaction Act

◆ The Name of the Business Provider :
ufotable, Inc.

◆ Representative:

◆ The Address of Distributor:
165-0027   3F・4F Nissin Bldg. 1-40-7 Nogata, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 

◆ Contact:
If you contact us through the email address above, the sales representative and telephone number will be disclosed faster.

◆ Selling Price of Products, Service Consideration:
The price showing on the sales page of each product and service

◆Costs other than the selling price:
※Internet connection fees and other expenses related to telecommunication line communication must be paid separately by the users (the amount will be determined by each service provider with which the users’ contractor).

◆Payment method:
Credit card payments

◆Time of Payment:
・Credit card payments
It depends on your credit card's closing date and the details of your contract. Please contact your credit card company for details.

◆ The Period of Product Delivery and the Services Offer:
・Credit Cards
After the completion of credit card authorization, the order will be shipped within 3~5 business days.

◆Special Contract About Return and Cancellation:
We do not accept returns of products or services sold on this site unless the product is defective. In the event that a product is defective, please contact us at global-cs@ufotable.zendesk.com.

For products or services with special conditions of sale or offer, the conditions will be indicated on the purchase page of each product.